Friday, September 7, 2012

"Power of Suggestion Leads to more Sales"

September 7,2012 2:38 pm

"Power of Suggestion Leads to more Sales"

Lesson #2

Utilizing what’s ALREADY THERE to get whatever you want :)

In today's Lesson I was challenged to use ordinary events or happenings and turn them into Sales.

When reading this article I found some very interesting things that have me puzzled. What I mean is that after reading a few of David Wood's post I found myself cluing in on the Highlighted Print and the Power of Suggestion. The RED print that is used. I was asked to write article about the color  RED and how much brighter it looked. Have you noticed the color RED and how much brighter it seems to look and How Sales Pages use this to Generate the Power Suggestion.

Learn How the Power of Suggestion Leads to more Sales

Today I noticed how much brighter color was in pictures. And that the color has a deeper meaning of Happiness. How can it mean Happiness? In my pictures I noticed a time in my life that brought about Happiness watching my kids grow up. I noticed how this color was associated with cute little pigtails and a time when my daughter was a Daddy Lov'in Crazy little girl.

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Hold on before you run off. I wanted to share with you how well this Blog is doing in the Search Engine Rankings.

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As I have wrote many Articles that give a Review of SEOprofiler and How I was able to get 67 First Page Rankings in my First use. 

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Now we are one full week into September and the Rankings continue Build. As of September 7,2012 these are the Rankings for this Blog:

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I just want to share one more thing with you. Empower Network is moving so fast right now that as a result, Facebook has banned their links and Likes Button. How does affect the thousands of user's and Affiliates of Empower Network.

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As a result of what Facebook has done Empower Network has Launched a Protest.

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