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SEOprofiler Updates for August 31,2012

August 31,2012 11:59 pm

In this articel I will be giving the SEOprofiler Updates for Blog. I will be going into detail of how this Blog has Increased in First Page Rankings and Total Ranking Pages. And to help you understand the difference in the Total Ranking Pages and the First Page Rankings. I will also be going into detail why I am writing my articles for EmpowerNetwork now. So lets take a look at how this Blog Rates on the Search Engines.

Today I took a look at my SEOprofiler account to get my final Rankings Report for the month of August. I am Happy to be able to show you the Rankings Report for this time frame as compared to when I first reported my very First use. I am also very Pleased with the results that I have received with the use of SEOprofiler tools. I also would like to take the time to Give Thanks to SEOprofiler and their staff for all the hard work they do behind the scenes for everyone.

As I promised here are my final SEoprofiler Updated stats for August 2012:

Total Ranking Pages: 263

Total Ranked Pages: 193

Total First Page Rankings: 84

So as you can see by using by using SEOprofiler for the month of August I have actually put myself on the map and in the Search Engines. What you don't realize is that just last month in July this Blog did not exist it was just setting here hoping someone would come by and see what I have I wrote about. i was relying on using Twitter,FaceBook,Linkedin,Google+ and so many more to get people to come and read my articles. But after months of only getting 1-10 people a month to look, it was getting tiring trying to find things that people were interested in. And until I come across SEOprofiler this Blog was nothing.

After finding SEOprofiler at the beginning of August i was excited, because after my first time ever using it I was able to get 67 First Page Rankings. Since then I have been working on adding keywords and content for those keywords to get higher rankings. But to one that has never used a SEO tool it might seem to be too big and hard to do. What I want anyone to understand is that with the SEOprofiler tools you are not lost and they have it laid out where ever a Dummie like myself can use it and Succeed.

To help you better understand how important this SEOprofiler tool is I will give you the SEOprofiler Update for my First use and let you see the difference it makes when you go everyday and just add one little thing to improve your rankings.

August 4,2012

Total Ranking Pages: 200

Total Ranked Pages: 151

Total First Pages Rankings: 67

When comparing them side by side you will see an increase in all 3 categories. This is how well this Blog has done in 27 days since I started using SEOprofiler.

Total Ranking Pages: +63

Total Ranked Pages: +42

Total First Page Rankings: +17

As I have said before I would not of been able to get my Blog seen or even Noticed if where not for SEOprofiler. And now that I have reached this point I said I would go over why I am writing articles for EmpowerNetwork now. Just a few days ago I was introduced to EmpowerNetwork. I never paid any attention to their ad or even what they did until then. But I set in front of my computer wondering how long it was going to make me to get the traffic and support I needed to make a living from Blogging. And after talking to some of my colleagues from Facebook and other ventures I was told about the Simple 3 Step process that EmpowerNetwork use's to teach members how to Blog and why.

I know you have not taken the time to look around and read some of my earlier articles but if you get a chance I encourage you to read up on them. And that is what they teach you about at EmpowerNetwork is the Importance of Blogging Daily and how it will increase your content and over time the Ranking of your Blog. Now the great thing is that you don't have to migrate your Blog over to them, you can do like I am just copying my articles and pasting them on their Blogging System. They use WordPress which I used at one point in time. And it has its upsides, but I prefer to use Blogger which has direct ties to Google and Search Engines.

There is no Big Secret that I can see but I will tell you that Dave & Dave have turned around the Blogging Industry and are making normal People like me and you Success Stories. You don't have to have Special skills to be big with EmpowerNetwork just Blog about things you love to do. The Simplicity of thier Blogging System is so easy even a Dummie like myself can do it.

Take the time to check it out and join me,
Albert Dodd

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