Saturday, August 11, 2012

Google First Page and SEOprifiler break down and Update for August 11,2012

Saturday August 11,2012 12:34 a.m. 

Hope to find everyone doing Good today. In this article i will be going into detail about my Trial with SEOprofiler. I will be giving details about what I did each day to get my Affiliate link for Wealth4AllTeam ranked. And in this article I give details on the order in which i used the tools to get the most out of the tools. And to close things out I will be listing one other project I am working on to try and help those around me build their own customer base and email list. So lets get going. 

First off I would like to thank SEOprofiler for all the tools that have included to help a newbie marketer get the Top Rated SEO submissions and Listing without the Big Bucks that others require. I am still amazed at how easy the tools are to use and how they seem to flow from one to the other. And for people that have no computer skills to just follow their suggestions and get a Successful listing is Absolutely unheard of. So if you think this is a place that has all kinds of links to click on and places you have to go to get listed you are way off base. The dashboard is very simple and open. It guides you through the steps and tells you what you need to do to improve your Rankings. 

On my First day of submitting my Wealth4AllTeam affiliate link I first started by going to the dash board and clicking on it. Once open I clicked on Add New Project. Very simple to do no complicated fill out this and fill out that. Once I had my Project "Wealth4AllTeam" open the first thing I did was click on the Ranking Monitor to see where I stood. After the Ranking Monitor finished gettting the Ranks related to my Affiliate Link I had somewhere to start. Which to no surprise I no rankings. So when getting ready to start a Project always run a Ranking Monitor to see where you are before you start. This is to have a record of where you are now and then where you are after every step. All it is, is just using common sense. 

So the next step I did and always do now is to go to the Ranking Monitor and use the "Grap keywords" from the tool selection. You need to do this as your second step because you need to know what kind and selection of keywords you have to start with. Once the "Keyword Graper Tool" got the keywords related to my Affiliate link I looked at them and made a record of it. Just to be able to compare my starting point to the next Steps. After that I moved on to the next Step. 

In this Step I am going to submit my Affiliate link to Google,Yahoo,Bing, and 200 other Search Engines. The First Step is to click on Task:Raknings twice as to bring up the scroll down bar that has Website Submission. Just click on the "Website Submission link." After clicking in it you will go to the next page to choose which option you want to do. You only have two choices. Either do the "website Submission" Automatically or do it Manually. Now being that I am not a person that wants to go from Search Engine to Search Engine I choose the "Automatic Submission." Once you get to Automatic Submission Page which is where you enter the EXACT URL that you want to submit. I entered the Wealth4AllTeam affiliate link only not the splash pages or other links just for this test. 

Now that you have enter your Affiliate Link just as it is in your back office. The next Step is to pick out a category you want to submit the link to. For this test I entered the category "Business" just ot get things going. The submission process takes about 10 minutes to complete so you have time look around and read more on the tools and how to use them. Now that the submission is over with it will show you a page that tells you so suggestions. i suggest you write them down and make notes to compare with later. The next thing I did was return to the Ranking Monitor. 

In the Ranking Monitor I clicked "Get Rankings." And once the Rankings were loaded I recorded them. Which the easy way to do this is download the PDF file to save to your computer for presentation later on. Now what I am going to is list the Rankings and details of how the First Submission did; 
Category: Business Keywords: 1 
Total Ranking Pages: 3 
Total Ranked Pages: 1 
Total First Page Rankings: 3 
Nothing to really brag about first submission. So I made a record of it and looked at their recommendations and let it rest for the day. Now the next day I did a little more keyword investigation to see where I could improve. And this is the Steps I did to get more Keywords. 

I went to the Top 10 Optimizer tool Section, which is very easy to use. I looked up some keywords and entered "advertising" just to get started. Down near the bottom is a tool that you can use which examines the Top 3 competitors keywords and makes suggestions on keywords you might could use. And from there you get a compiled list of Keywords that you can pick through to find the ones you like. Now I was just being lazy and decided to just use the whole list. I added 78 more keywords to the list. The next Step was to go back to the Ranking monitor and add those keywords to be check and monitored with the Ranking Monitor. After making sure they were added I went back to the "Automatic Website Submission" and added a New Category. And this is the results of that Submission. 
Category: Internet Malls Keywords: 79 
Total Ranking Pages: 16 
Total Ranked Pages: 4 
Total First Page Rankings: 11 
As you can see by adding Keywords related to the website and adding just one more "Category" I was able to increase the Total number of Ranked Pages and Rankings. So it is to say that the tools I used with SEOprofiler do actually work to perfection. That was just my second day of Monitoring my Wealth4AllTeam link. i went back to day and added some more. 

Today I added 5 more keywords, more like keyword phrase's. And then went back to the Ranking Monitor to make sure they were added. After I check that, I went to the "Automatic Website Submission" and picked a new Category. I picked "Money Making Opportunities" and this is how it did after submitting. 
Category: Money Making Opportunities Keywords: 84 
Total Ranking Pages: 17 
Total Ranked Pages: 5 
Total First Page Rankings: 11 
And again you can see the Rankings Steadily moving up. And I did all this with just a few steps everyday. And as I continue to Learn the tools i will be able to reach the Top with all my ventures soon. And for the Update on My Personal Blog, it has 75 First Page Rankings in Google,Yahoo, and Bing. 

In closing i would like to thank you for being patient and reading through this entry and article. I am pleased to be a part of Wealth4AllTeam and to be able to bring something of Value to everyone. It is my sincere desire and Prayer that everyone be able to use the tools and Achieve Top Rankings as I am doing. I would also like to ask that if anyone would like to come together and form a Marketing Group with me that you send me a message and ask to be Included. 

I look forward to bring more and exciting Updates as i get them. 

You can get your FREE Account and Try the SEOprofiler at: 


Hope this Helps You, 
Albert Dodd

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