Sunday, August 12, 2012

What is a Marketing List and How do you Build one.

Sunday August 12,2012 9:46 a.m.

Good morning everyone. Hope you are having Great day so far. Today's Topic is "What is a Marketing List and How do You Build One." I am going to cover three things that help you know what a Marketing List is. In this article I will be going over them to show you how easy it is to Build one.

The First subject is "What is a Marketing List." A marketing List is a List of Contacts that you have that you provide information or services that you recommend to them. How do you know when you have a List? When you start Contacting them about your opportunities. Most view a Marketing List as a List that has lots and lots of people on it, that want what you are offering. But from first hand experience it is not about having hundreds of people on the List, but more about Building a Trust and Confidence in what you recommend.

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It could take some time to Build that Trust and gain their Confidence so they will order from you or do as you want them to. It doesn't matter how big Your List is, if they don't Trust what you recommend then you are wasting your time. And that's were using your Old Contact List or Marketing List comes in Handy. If I told you that just by asking and telling you "My Contact List" about 5iphon and the way you can build a New Marketing List with Fresh new Contacts to send your offer to everyday if you wish. Would you be interested in adding New Contacts to your List and Building the Trust needed to Make a Sell?

The third thing is where do I go to get this List Building access? You can go to 5iphon and get started for FREE. They help you to understand about List Building, where to go, and how to get started. The very Best part about 5iphon is that after you have 5 New Members from your old Contact List that Trust you and wants to learn. Then you are on your way to Building a whole New Army of Contacts that just continue's to grow Daily. Now that you know "What," "How." "Where to Start" is not time to go now and let 5 of your Old Contacts Help you Build a Completely New List of Fresh Contacts to Promote to Today?

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