Sunday, August 12, 2012

What happens when Your Marketing List is not Responsive anymore?

My biggest question to anyone that has read my last article on Building a Marketing List is "What Happens when Your List is not Responsive anymore?" To answer that question you have to ask yourself if the Promotional material is that good or do you need New Fresh Leads to Promote your old projects to. When your list is working hot and you are getting paid left and right and over and over again then you are Happy.

But what do you do when it goes cold and the Marketing List has already seen your ad 100's of times. And what happens when all your members are putting out the same ad and the response cuts down. Well you do what all the Millionaire Marketers do use your Marketing List to Build a New List. What this does is it adds New Contacts that have not seen the New Ad.

To be blind and not Try 5iphon to Build your Marketing List for FREE is not a realistic Goal to Building your own List with New Contacts everyday. That is the question that you must ask yourself. Is my current Marketing List buying Like Hotcakes or am I just barely getting any response. How long will you pass up the Opportunity to Build a New Contact List and just stay with the same old List?


Its your Business. What are you going to do "Build on it or Sit on it"? 

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  1. It's Your Business.

    What are You going to do?

    "Build on it or Sit on it"

    Take another look from the inside for FREE !!!