Saturday, August 18, 2012

"How to make Mobile Apps for Dummies"

Saturday August 18,2012 12:09 a.m.

Good morning everyone, hope everyone had a good week. In this article I come across some very good and valuable information. This weeks topic is about Mobile Apps for Dummies, which is kind of ironic. I will be discussing how the Mobile App works and How to create a Mobile App in about 15 to 30 minutes. I will also tell you why you should consider making your own Mobile App.

First off I would like for you to understand what a Mobile App is. It is a short cut to any thing you Promote online that can be accessed from a Phone or Ipod. With that being said how many ideas just crossed your mind. What was the first thought you had when I said anything online can be promoted? Well guess what i am referring to the Mobile App section where you can add a App to Android Market Place in less than 15 minutes. Impossible? No. I am one that searches out New and Innovative ways for you to promote your website and affiliate links to as many people as I can.

Now that you know what I am referring to lets dig right in and cover some of the goodies that a Mobile App will have on your Business. The mobile market is an estimated 5 times bigger then the internet.  With these kinds of numbers, the possibilities are endless.  The math is in your favor here.  Fewer players, more users.  The internet today is the total opposite.  Many players, fewer users; as traditional internet users are going mobile.  There is no "summer slowdown", and the recession is not hurting sales..  The sales are just coming from different places.  And that place is mobile.

When we created our software, we did't intend to hurt people...  But unfortunately we are just killing app developers that charge anywhere from 5k - 30k to develop one app.  Their days are numbered!

Mobile Apps are pioneering the entire Mobile Affiliate Business...

You can either join us, or fail like the rest of them.

You can Create Content-rich Text Apps

Embed Web Images (ie: from Flickr or any site)

Turn your Live Twitter Feed into an App

Embed Facebook Social Plugins

Turn your Blog Into an App (via RSS)

Embed any type of web code!

The last one is really neat because you can embed:

Affiliate links/Products

Email Optin Forms

Paypal "Buy Now" buttons

Subscription based platforms

And a whole lot more....

There's really no limit to your creativity!

And the best part is, there is no programming required!

The math was simple...



The cool part is ANYONE can do this!

All you need to know is how to Copy and Paste!

Keep in mind, the apps that you create CAN be sold on the Android Market for any price you wish to charge, if that is your goal...

To Make your first Mobile App and really start earning money online follow this link and enjoy.

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