Saturday, August 18, 2012

"Learn How to Start your Own Text Ad Exchange for Free"

Saturday August 18,2012 11:44 p.m.

In this article I will be showing you how you can join SoloHeaven and Learn How to be a Text Ad Exchange Owner. The first thing I want to point out is that being a Owner is not for everyone. The next thing is that even after joining and you decide you dont want to be a owner, you do not lose any referrals. You still get paid for referring others. And as a way to advertise you should consider using SoloHeaven, because there are over 1200 owners that Want your Ad.

SoloHeaven Text Ad Exchange is unique in that it is the Portal for anyone who wish's to Start their Own Text Ad Exchange. As I look back to last year, I remember emailing Darrren Orlander, Owner of ListSurfing and ViralNugget about the idea of being able to let people own what I called Mini Traffic Sites. This is the same idea that Adminforfree is doing with SoloHeaven.

It is very simple to do, just sign up and have 10 referrals that need to advertise their website signup. Not very complicated to get those people to add their website and text ads to be seen. I am myself working to start my own Text Ad Exchange. After 2 years of building a List for everyone else to Promote to I have recently taken two steps to Building my own list to Profit from.

Most of you know already that I am promoting and working with 5iphon to Build a List with. i am doing this because it has got a back office where I can make backend sales to new members and get sales from other members. Very simple to do refer 5 people that want to Build their own List to promote to.

The next is this new Project being the Admin of my own Text Ad Exchange. Not only am I building a Marketing List, but I am offering a Top Quality Service. Being the Owner means that all sales belong to me and I am paid for my members purchasing those Ads. So for once I will be paid for the whole sale and not a piece of it.

Are you tired of selling these things for someone else. Making them rich while you barely are getting paid. It is about time you Started Promoting Yourself and not someone else. I also encourage you to join SoloHeaven and get the word out about your website or service.