Thursday, August 9, 2012

SEOprofiler has Increased my First Page's to 75 now.

Thursday August 09,2012 5:54 p.m. central US time

Hello readers,

I know everyone is looking a Update on how I'm doing with the SEOprofiler. Well I'm pleased to let you know that my Total Ranked First Pages is up to 75 now. How does this compare with the last update? Well lets take a look. When I first told you about SEOprofiler this where I was:

200 Total Ranking Pages- Pages that are listed
151 Total Ranked Pages- Pages that are listed in the First 5 Pages of Search Engines
69 First Page Rankings- Pages that are on the First Pages of Search Engines

That is not bad in any body's book. But now I have looked at my back office and have new Updates for you:

211 Total Ranking Pages- is a increase of  +11
152 Total Ranked Pages- is a increase of  +1
75 First Page Rankings- is a increase of  +6

So how important is having your website or blog submitted and indexed correctly?

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