Saturday, August 4, 2012

"SEO Profiler Review"

**Important Updates for Thursday August 09,2012 at bottom of Post**

Last week I decided to last to try the SEO Profiler. And after using it for only one week i am tremendously impressed. Before i used SEO Profiler I was getting 1 to 5 visits a week to my blog's. And in just week of using this tool my Blog has increased traffic to 20+ a day. Now for a small blog that is 1000% increase in traffic.

I found this tool in my Google webstore while trying to find ways to increase traffic to my blog. But you can get it here today. And try it for Free.


How important is this kind of tool?

Well if have a website or affiliate link it does all the hard work for you. i submitted my blog's through it, and a couple of my affiliate links too. And now I am seeing traffic to places that I wished I could see. What does this mean is that I get targeted traffic, not traffic that i surf for hours to get, just to see that all they were doing was surfing to get credits so someone would look at their site too.

I want to stress how important and essential it is that you get your website or affiliate link in the Search Engines. How will you Targeted Traffic to your site? rely on surfing and hoping someone will join your Opportunity or get the tool that gets Targeted Traffic for you.

Do you want the statistics from just one week of use to this Blog? Here they are:

200 Total Page Rankings
151 Total Ranked Pages
67   Total Page 1 Rankings

All of these Rankings are a combined Search Engine Submission tool included in the SEO Profiler Resource.

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Updates for Thursday August 09,2012 9:06 p.m.

This the Updated Stats for this Blog using SEOprofiler. As I hope you will see the importance of adding new keywords,deleting ones that don't work. And submitting your site to new Categories. All are Important to getting your Website or Affiliate Link Ranked.

Stats For August 09,2012

211 Total Ranking Pages- Listings that are in Google,Yahoo,Bing
152 Total Ranked Pages- Listings that are in the Top 5 Pages with all 3
75 Total First Page Rankings- Listings that are On the First Page of all 3 Top Search Engines

As you can see I have increased my Total First Page Ranked Pages just by adding new keywords and deleting old ones plus adding new categories. So simple to do I just login check the Ranking Monitor, use their recommendations and hit submit. No complicated research or time consuming adding and changing, just do what they suggest and set back and watch your Traffic Increase.