Friday, May 25, 2012

Restart for JustBeenPaid has started

As most know by now the Restart for JustBeenPaid had been put of. But as of today the Restart has began. I personally have experienced some difference in daily pay. And for those that have or are experiencing the same thing. i would like to explain how it really works.

For those that are new to JustBeenPaid the Restart does affect those that where under the deadline of joining. How this affects you and me is hard to explain. But for this article i would like to help anyone understand how you can and will benefit from this. See the biggest part of JustBeenPaid is based on earning 2% during weekdays and 1.5% on weekends. And some advise for anyone that is new DON'T get lost in wanting to earn more money from Matrices.

This is my biggest concern for all that feel they need to buy matrices, it takes a long time for them to fill. And while waiting for them to pay-off you become frustrated about not getting paid. My only advise to anyone that wants to be part of JustBeenPaid focus on getting started and making a daily income. I myself have done this, I believe that if you focus on building up your income on a daily basis by earning the 2% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends then you willbe way ahead of those that just show up to get the big money from matrices.

But for the Restart it has begun and I have seen a drop in my daily income but also an increase in the matrice positions that I have. And if you were wondering some of my positions did get cash back for not maturing before time. So I did get cash back and those postions did move over into matrices. So I ma very happy about things with JustBeenPaid.