Saturday, April 14, 2012

New Updates for JustBeenPaid

As most know by now I am a avid follower of JustBeenPaid. As I also have bought advertising packages from them. And that lately JBP has undergone some improvements and some difficulties. The biggest two things that have happened lately has been the DDos Attack on the new server of JustBeenPaid. And the second biggest news coming from JustBeenPaid is they are starting to go into another Restart. I will try to explain both of those in this Article. First off I would like to explain a little bit about a DDos Attack and how it affects the members of a particular website. After doing some reading on the subject I have my own personal opinion of this. And this only based on my personal opinion and not those of JustBeenPaid or any other affiliates of JustBeenPaid. When a website comes under a DDos Attack it has had too many visitors to that server at one time. Meaning that normal activity has increased tremendously. Think of your website only getting 100 hits per hour, then all of a sudden you start to receive over 1000 hits, then over 10,000, then over 100,000 hits per hour. What this does is your server has a limited amount of usage setup for your website, and when you exceed that limit they are maxed out. The server is the one that controls how much usage you get. If your normal visitor or member visits is high then they have to give you more room on their server data base. And when the DDos attack starts it overloads their capacity. And at time they have to stop all traffic to find out where and how the overflow of traffic come from. In short any website, usually top name websites or those of most meaning are the ones that come under this type of attack. It can come from competitors trying to disrupt the flow of traffic for its members and visitors. This is only a type of tactic used to cause a distrust or dishonest feeling between customers and owners of websites. But as I have seen and those that have been around JustBeenPaid for a while it has only proved that we are Stable and a Worth while company to earn a living with. Now to the Biggest News coming out from JustBeenPaid is the upcoming Restart. As when the DDos Attack started alot where worried about a Restart, I did not think there was a need for one. Simply because of the increase in memberships that they have experienced. When you go from over 60,000 members to over 500,000 members now you are bound to run into some growing pains. I am writing this article because there is alot of questions about a Restart and what it really is and how does it affect the accounts you currently have. As I am not a long time member, but am only giving you the facts as I interpret them. The one thing about a Restart for JustBeenPaid is that it is a way of clearing out the system. Meaning that right now that JustBeenPaid has alot of Tripler accounts and that it is necessary to clear out the system of old and almost expiring positions. What this does mean is that if you have Tripler's that are about to expire or are close to expiring those will be converted over into matrices. The Matrice is the other part of JustBeenPaid that makes you some really good money. But for this article I am only covering the Restart and not the Matrices. So those that do have Triplers that are close to expiring there is no worries. And for those that's say have not had Triplers for very long in probability will not be affected by the Restart. I can explain like this only 10-40% of anyone's Triplers that are about to Expire will actually be affected. In order to try and understand myself I look at it like this if you have 10 Triplers and you go by their 10-40% rule. Only 4 of the 10 will be sent to matrices. Now by telling you this I hope I am not confusing anyone. But if your Triplers are not converted over into Matrices then the remaining ones that qualify to will look like this. First of all if you spend $10 to buy the Advertising and Training then collect 2% a day on week days and 1.5% on weekends. What should happen is that the amount you have already made from the 2% will be deducted from the $10. What would this look like is fairly simple: Triplers Bought: 10 Days Active: 30 Amount from each Tripler made: $6.00 Amount still invested from each Tripler: $4.00 Amount of Refund: $40.00 How this should work if I understand it correctly is that you will get back on each Tripler the differnce in the original purchase amount and the remaining amount of the $10, not the Full $15.00 at the end of the regular Tripler cycle. Why would you not get the full $15 instead of the $10 is because they are returning you your purchase price and not the maturity price. To help you understand that is hard, but imagine going to Walmart and buying a product for $10 and you wanted you money back so Walmart said OK we will give you back $15. It not good business to give back more than you received because if you do then you will go broke. And since you have already earned money from your purchase the difference between what you have made and your purchase amount is what is fair. I hope this explanation has helped in some way. And as readers of this Blog you are entitled to your own opinion. And as a person that tries to hear both sides I well all comments and discussions about and any Article that I have wrote. Because I may not see something that you have or you may have some personal experience with the subject and want to voice your opinion. Either way just stop by and leave your voice for all to hear.