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How to Advertise your JustBeenPaid Referral Link

Hello to all my readers and visitors. It has been some time since my last post, and I had been very busy. I actually went back to work to help with adding money to my accounts with JustBeenPaid, Wealth4AllTeam, CashFlowBot. In this article it is my intent to help those in need of getting the word out about your referral links in not only these programs but any program you wish to add. I hope that the information that I am telling you about will be as useful to you as it is continuing to be for me. So get you mouse ready and try to take some notes.

As most know by now that it is becoming harder and harder to get referrals to your programs. There are so many list builders, traffic sites, exchanges, and so forth. And with many being added every day it can become overwhelming. And most people don't know how to use these places to take advantage of them. So over the last 3 months I have been working on finding a way for the normal person to get the most of their advertising campaign's. And now that I have run alot of test to make sure that they work correctly, I am ready to tell my readers and visitors how to follow the simple little instructions to get the most out of your campaign's.

The first thing that I would like to tell you about is using a Viral advertising campaign. For any one that does not know what a Viral advertising campaign is, I will try to help you understand how it works. A Viral advertising campaign involves being able to get your ad in front of more people by letting your referrals spread the word for you. This is how it works, when you get 1 or more people displaying your ad to their customers or referrals to help you spread your link to many more people than you could reach by yourself. When you have others running your ad for you over more places that's when you will start to see the success of a Viral campaign.

You= 10 people advertising your links
10  = 100 people advertising your links
100= 1000 people advertising your links
1000= 10000 people advertising your links

And so forth. As you can see it can add up over time and the next thing you know you have people visiting your program links that you never expected. But the biggest and most important thing about this is that you don't have to pay to the type of traffic that I am referring to. You just have to where to go to get the same advantages of paying for this service for FREE. I have spent a lot of time locating these places to get the most out your campaign. And will show you how and where to get the access to this FREE Viral Campaign.
Click Here for Free Traffic!
Click Here for your Free Traffic!

Second thing about having a FREE Viral Campaign is the ability to place the required banner's to get those people to your FREE Viral Advertising site, that leads them to your programs. As with most Viral Advertising sites you need to own the referral link so you can add the Viral banners needed. Well I have found a way to do just that. So without making you read for hours to get this information, let's get started.

The first step is to get set up to handle the traffic. What I did to get this part of the Viral Advertising Campaign started was join Affiliate Funnel. Keep in mind I did this because you will need a place to put the FREE Viral Advertising Campaign Banner. They offer some of the best tools on the internet to help Brand yourself. Also keep in mind that if no one knows who you are then they will usually not join you or help you to get the word out your program. So I am using Affiliate Funnel to Advertise my Money Programs. I got lucky and was able to secure a Lifetime Gold membership for Half price, meaning that i only pay $4.95 a month to have 6 of my money making programs advertised. I can not promise you that you will be able to get the same deal, but they have those specials all the time.

Once you open your account with Affiliate Funnel then we can move on to getting the FREE Viral Advertising Campaign going. The next step is to join the FREE Viral site. After doing all the required steps to get your FREE Viral site of your own, you are set and ready to get going. You will have to view others websites and get the code to enter to get your own FREE Viral site. That is how other people will come and visit your Money Programs. Now to help you with this part what you have to do is after accessing your FREE Viral account, look under "Promote My FREE Viral Page" click on it. Scroll down until you find the banners, once you get the banner you want, just copy the code by right clicking on it and then click on "Copy." Once you have done that, open another tab if you didn't leave the Affiliate Funnel tab open. Once you have got Affiliate Funnel open, click on "Programs"  and at the bottom of the drop down box you will see the link "Your Programs" click on it. From there you will see 4 steps to starting your own programs.

Go to Step 2 and click on it, from there you will see several box's that allow you to add your Money Programs. Just start at the top add "Paste" the code into the box labeled "Description." Once you do that just copy the referral link "ONLY" from the code ( Not the image URL ). After you do that just update your information at the bottom of the page. Now what you need to do is go to Step 3 "Your Templates" and check to make sure banner is displayed and working correctly. Once you have verified that it working correctly then you can add all your Money Making Programs in the same manner.

Now that all of the programs are entered into your Affiliate Funnel and FREE Viral page, we are ready to get the word out. So how do I get the about my FREE Viral page, and what makes this so special that it is different from all the rest of the programs out there. You can now just promote your FREE Viral page at Traffic exchanges, Listbuilders, Safelist, etc.... Which I will have some posted at the end of this Post just in case you do not know where to start. But I am going to tell you where I listed my FREE Viral page at.
We are Ranked FIRST on
One of the first place I used was a place called TrafficSword, it also is a Viral site that helps promote your site. Just add their banner to your Affiliate Funnel campaign's. You earn credits for every visitor to your TrafficSword referral link which in turn sends visitors from their membership to your Money Making Programs. And the next place that I use is CashInOnBanners. This is a unique site in that you can have up to 6 Banners of your Money Making Programs rotating every time a visitor see's your link. What makes all this work is that you have all the same banners displayed at your Affiliate Funnel page. Once you get all of these set up and going you will find that visitors will be coming from so many places that you wont be able to keep track of everyone.

The biggest benefit of doing a FREE Viral Advertising Campaign this way is that no matter where you advertise you can use your FREE Viral page and it give away the same instructions I just give you to help others get the Advertising they need without having to pay all those big bucks. Ok and as I promised before I would include some of the places that I started running my advertising at to get the word out.

Traffic Exchanges:


I hope that you have enjoyed all the information that I have provided. And hope that you enjoy using your FREE Viral Advertising Campaign. And if for any reason you are having trouble setting up anything feel free to leave me a message.

And if you are not part of the programs that I use to make Money with Daily then here they are. Join them and leave me a message as I am here to help you "Achieve Your Dreams"

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