Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Daily 3-Bet: Kid Poker in Romania, Mizzi Had Outs, Kitty Declawed

The PokerListings Daily 3-Bet a pair of flip flops, a fresh towel and the latest airport novel to help you lounge beside the mid-afternoon poker news pool in style.

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In today’s Daily 3-Bet we’ll take a look at Daniel Negreanu heading to Romania, Sorel Mizzi’s hilarious reason he was late to GPL and Kitty Kuo receiving the brunt of a terrible, no-good bad beat.

1) Negreanu Debuts in Romania

Daniel Negreanu has played poker in pretty much every elite poker city in the world including Las Vegas (obv), Monte Carlo, London, Melbourne and more.

Daniel Negreanu 2015 WSOP Main Event Day 7 7
Canadian/Romanian/American poker superstar.

Well earlier this week he touched down in a brand-new, and entirely more personal poker destination: Bucharest, Romania.

Negreanu is of course Canadian/Romanian (and a US citizen as well) and his parents emigrated directly from Romania in the 1960s so the country holds a special place in his heart.

This year marks the debut of the PokerStars Eureka Poker Tour’s recent expansion into the country.

Negreanu will not only play in the tournament but he’ll also be on hand for the Romanian premier of his documentary “Kid Poker”.

It’s great for poker in Romania and Negreanu has already starred in a press conference discussing the game.

Kid Poker may not travel as much these days but he certainly makes the trips count.

2) Sorel Mizzi on GPL Tardiness: “I Had Outs!”

So Sorel Mizzi missed the first part of his 6-Max match in the GPL yesterday but it turns out he had a pretty darn good reason.

We’ll let him explain in the following video by the GPL:

If nothing else the GPL has proven that stellar poker skills to not always translate into excellent organizational talent. If anything the opposite might be true.

Kudos to Mizzo for scrambling to the Apple store and picking up a brand-new MacBook just for the GPL. That’s commitment!

Mizzi did end up getting some points too, as he finished 3rd and 4th in his matches for a total haul of 5 points for the Berlin Bears.

3) Kitty Kuo Experiences Quads Over Quads Disaster

Quads are usually enough to win you the pot in poker but not always.

That’s something Kitty Kuo experienced first-hand in a vicious bad-beat on PokerStars yesterday.

Cheer up though, Kitty, you’re saving up some serious run-good for the future!

This is why I hate Pokerstars so much, such a joke !!

— kuo hui chen (@kittykuopoker) May 17, 2016


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