Thursday, October 4, 2012

"What is Your Legacy"

Today as I write this post I am with a Heavy Heart. As my wife's family mourns the loss of their Father. And in this article I am asking myself this question: "What is my Legacy and What am I leaving behind?"

What is Your Legacy and how does the internet tell about you and what you leave behind?

Those are the things that I have been asking myself lately. If I were to die today what would I leave my family. And what would I leave on the internet that they don't know about. What kind of information have I left behind for hackers to find my family and friends online. With promoting many websites I have left a trail behind and I wonder what things that others see about me and my family.

Do you ever wonder happens to all those links and websites you promote go when you not promoting them?

If you haven't cleanup those links what kind of information can get into the hands of the wrong people. And with so many dishonest people out there these days how do you protect yourself and your family from it getting into the wrong hands.

And in the next few days I will be looking at some of my old links and information that I have that can cause harm. But I will also be talking about What Your Legacy is and how you can't take anything with you when you leave this world. So as you continue to check back for those things start to think about the things you do online and how when you leave this world how secure is your information. And what will your family do to be able to continue on your projects,