Sunday, November 25, 2012

"What does Thanksgiving mean to you?"

As I set here looking at my Blog, I know that I have not wrote anything since my father-in-law pasted away. And to be honest i have been very short on words. I have went back to work and work 7 days a week to make a paycheck. It is hard and long hours, but atleast it is steady with the Holiday season upon us.

What I asked in the title of this blog post was what does Thanksgiving mean to you?

What it means to me is a time that I get to spend with my family and my wife's family rejoicing on the things in life that make us Happy. And as this year has been a tough year with the loss of my wife's Father. And in the last couple of years the loss of her grandpa and grandma. As we gathered this year it was a quite time as they were missed greatly. And her brother-in-law was not able to make it home as he was on the road. So it was a time of reflecting and missing all the family members that were not there anymore.

Later in the day I spent time with my family as all my brothers were there and of one of them had to work. But as we were getting ready to say the Blessing I asked that if everyone tell us one thing that they were Thankful for this year. Of we had thanks for boyfriends to thankful you got to see me kind of thanks. But I was and am glad I got to spend time with my mother. She is on up in now and has alot of memory problems. But I am so glad that I was able to just set down and enjoy time with my family and my wife's family.

I hope that everyone had a joyful Thanksgiving. Cause as I watch the news every night I hear about car wrecks and shootings and all kinds of crazy stuff. So I am very glad to have both my families and to get along with them. Even if we all have short comings we are all Blessed and Forgivin by the Grace of God.

Happy Holidays to all,