Monday, September 3, 2012

"How your Profile Influences SEO Rankings Exposed"

So you have a Profile and want to get Best out of it.

What does optimization have to do with any Profile and Why would it Greatly Increase the SEO of your website or Business?

The Top 5 SEO for Profile Ranking Tips 

1. Words:

The Keywords you use in your Profile must match to Keywords that you are trying to get Ranked for.

Example: You wanted to get your website or Business Ranked for the Keywords: Marketing, Advertising, Blog, SEO tools

Example of your Profile text: Marketing Executive that handles the Advertising for (Your website). We have Blog that teaches about using SEO tools to promote your website. We have extensive Training every day that covers SEO tools and how to use them. I Post daily on this Blog writing articles about the different ways of using keywords of meaning to get ranked in Google, Yahoo, Bing and major Search Engines.

 **This is just one way to enhance your Keywords and get your Profile in SEO Shape for Ranking**

 **Also remember that when writing your Profile Summary to include your website links**

 **Just like writing articles your Profile Summary needs to use Repetition of your Keywords and Highlighting them if Possible**

2. Titles:

The Titles you use have a Great Importance on the Keyword use. If you’re Keywords are those that are in your Title or are you’re Title then you will receive a better Ranking.

Example: Your Title for your job at (Your website) is Marketer. Then in the Title Field you would consider putting your Keyword "Marketing Executive” or “Marketing Consultant"

Example: Your Title for your job at (Your website) is Advertiser. Then in the Field you would consider putting your Keyword "Advertising Executive" or "Advertising   Consultant"

 **This is Imporant to remember that you are your keyword or Keyword phrase and that the Keyword is you**

**Pay close Attention to see if the Profile Builder has the ability to use Links. If it does then use your Keywords and create Links**    

3. Links:

Keep in mind that you want to use Keyword saturation when creating Links. This is Very Important, because you want Links that high SEO Rankings.
 I understand that everyone is promoting something and they just want to make money from it.
But understand that if you don't have Links that are highly ranked and have good SEO Rankings then the chances of getting your website or service noticed.

 Now look at the Link itself, see the Empower Network in front of it. Look at Empower Network’s Alexa Ranking and the related Links to it. Very good Linking.

Now look at the Link itself here, see the SEO part. Well it has one of the Keywords in it and the ranking is decent.

 **When listing your promotional Links consider the Ranking of those sites**
 **When you have a Link that is not getting a good Link to it then use the html Link tool and use the Keywords instead**  
 **When creating Links make sure that some of your Keywords or words point to other articles you have written, creating internal Links**
4. Linking Keywords to your Links:

Whenever possible to use the HTML Link tool. If you do not understand what I am talking about just look at box you adding your information to and see if there is a "Chain Link" if it does then you can use it. In order to get the most out of your Keywords use the Keywords or best if used with Keyword Phrase's.

Example: If in your Profile you have the tool to change Keywords to Links.
 "Blog that teaches How to Increase your Marketing and Advertising sales by using SEOprofiler"

Now can you see how I was able to turn all my Keywords into one sentence. Not only do I have Keywords, but I have a Keyword Phrase now.

5. Reputation:

Everyone wants to guard their reputation. And when making your Profile it is no different, you are your Reputation. I learned the hard way that following the crowd and promoting all the newest hottest promotions then it becomes a skeleton in the closet. What I mean is that choose carefully the things you promote and watch how you promote them. No one likes Spammers or those that have mislead them on information. So be careful of where you fill out your Profile, because it will soon be listed in some Search Engine that has Profiles and people can see all the promotions you have ever done. Taking into consideration the above information, and given that your aim is to maximize the SEO of your site, there are some steps or pointers that you must use.
LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ have a phenomenal ranking as it has a lot of accounts registered with it. They are the most visited professional networks all over the world. To Achieve the high level of SEO desired, there are a few pointers that you need to use including:

6 Top SEO Tips for Bloggers

1. Making Use of Anchor Texts and Links

Search engines such as Google and Bing thoroughly check through anchor texts when they are ranking websites. Therefore, if you want to be on top there, you must make use of anchor texts. Make use of anchor texts having specific keywords and are highly beneficial to your website.

Creating links to your different sites gives you good backlinks and this in return makes your website enjoy higher traffic.

2. Adding Connections into Your Account

Make use of LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ to add as many connections as possible. The more the connections you have, the more visible you will be. Your main intention for
SEO is visibility of your site and these added connections will give you exactly that!

3. Making Use of Well Chosen Keywords in Your Profile

To be more visible and easily traceable, you need to use the most relevant words that suit you. When putting details for fields like headline, job descriptions, personal interests, make sure the words you use are carefully chosen and very specific to what you do or need to achieve

4. Give Your Profile A Unique URL

There is an option for customizing your url in LinkedIn, Google+. Make appropriate use of it and give your profile a unique name, be it your own name or your business name. This makes your visibility higher than when you use the default url given when you open the account.

5. Have A Professional or Personal Photo

A photo is very eye catching. Therefore, use an appropriate photo that can capture attention in the cyberspace. Avoid putting photos such as those of your pet and such. It is a common sense. You don’t want to do that even on Facebook, not to mention LinkedIn, which is far more serious professional social network.

6. Regular Updates

Initially, when opening your account, give as much information about yourself as possible. There should be information for things such as your current position so that people in the cyberspace can know exactly what it is that you do.

Keep making regular updates as this is what major search engines are looking for. The regular updates gives you a higher chance of search engines picking you up and giving you more popularity online.

Follow the above tips and you will be assured of your website's increased SEO Ranking for your Profile and Boosting your website presence.