Tuesday, September 4, 2012

"Empower Network Blogging System vs WordPress"

September 3,2012 2:00 am

"Empower Network vs WordPress"

What is the difference between WordPress and Empower Network?

How does Empower Network match up against WordPress and their dominating presence in the Blogging Industry? In this article I will be looking at both sides of the tape. And will break down what each has to offer.

WordPress Blog

1) Full line of Stylish Templates: Business,Advertising,Personal
2) 100's of design's, colors, background's, etc......
3) Plugin's
4) Widgets

Cost: $40.00 @ month
Referral Commissions: None

**Note of Reference**
This article is a Comparison of the Upgraded WordPress Blog hosted at and for a complete List of Upgrades you can go to WordPress Upgrades
There is several differences in the Free Version hosted with

So in a nutshell WordPress offers everything you would ever want in a Blog. That is you just wanted to Post and Promote your own Blog by yourself. How long do you think it will take you to get the amounts of traffic needed to make a Living from using WordPress?

Months even Years

Empower Network Blogging System

1) 1 Template: Marketing and Advertising
2) Choice of Background
3) Search Engine Optimization Provided
4) Commissions Paid Directly to You
5) All Presentations and Sales are handled by Empower Network
6) List Building

Cost: $25.00 @ month
Referral Commissions: 100% Paid each month directly to your Banking Account

In comparison of Empower Network vs WordPress, the packages may be better from WordPress. But when you look at the recurring monthly fee, Empower Network gives you the Best Deal around.

 How many of you want to Make $25 on a New Blog Sale?

How many of you are tired of trying to Promote, Market, and Advertise your Blog and not get Paid for referring others to the Blogging System?

Don't waste no more time trying to Succeed at Blogging. Get start right now making $25 commission on each Blogging System.

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