Sunday, August 26, 2012

JustBeenPaid has Soldout to ProfitClicking

August 26,2012 9:32 p.m.

As if most of the world don't already know that JustBeenPaid was sold to ProfitClicking this past week. As almost all members woke up to find out that JBP is now PC. So many members have questions and no one can give us answers, other than just be patient and let PC get everything changed over. And it raise questions about why JBP was sold.

ProfitClicking has been trying to acquire JustBeenpaid for some time according to JustBeenPaid statements. And with this in the works for some time now it raise's the questions about twp Restarts in a row. The question that comes to mind is that if they knew they where going to sell out then why did they do the last restart. Which for all members meant that JustBeenPaid converted over 75% of their Triplers to the JSS part. What does that do it cut down on Daily payments of 2% on weekdays and 1.5% on weekends.

The other part that is under question is that the Triplers that were converted where the newest ones purchased back to the oldest ones. What this means is that the Triplers that were just bought were converted to JSS positions. And how they done the cashback is unethical. For a company to take your $10 purchase and promise a return of $15 when mature, then turn around and remove it from their system and not give back the remaining amount of the original purchase should raise some eyebrows.

In order to understand this is simple. You put in $10 in order to get $15 back in a certain amount of time. Now if the purchase does not grow to maturity then the difference between the original amount and the paid amount should be returned. But not in this case, JustBeenPaid only returned about 1% of all the purchased advertising. The way it looks is that with this second Restart, JustBeenPaid held back a lot of money and did not pay back the difference. Which I find very convenient with the sell of the company just around the corner. Talk about a good chunk of money that went somewhere.

The last question that is worth asking is where are all these Converted and Expired Tripler Positions that have not shown up from the last two Restarts. Where is all the proof that they existed. I myself made a copy of my last Restart stats and have them as a record. But the Restart before that the stats had done disappeared. So where did they go? The book keeping only dates back 90 days, and if you did not notice that the change over does not reflect the converted and expired triplers. So what is ProfitClicking going to do? How will they make up the difference and get all the correct payments and purchase's correct.

In closing I would like to mention that JBP and ProfitClicking both say that the expired and converted triplers will showup. But if they reduce your income down to nothing and then send it over to another part where you have to pay more money to make money from lost money then what? How can you lose money and then ask some one to put more money in because you will make more if you do. Kind of does not make much sense.
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  2. It is definately going to be something to watch. There is a slight of hand throughout the website. Implementation/Switch was around the Zeek/Bidify demise and reorgs........I'm sure they are on a watch list. On the landing page it discusses legally compliant, and patent. Take a look at that patent. It is a video streaming patent........nothing to do with compliance. Now change the 70 to 10. Google JSS Tripler (Just Been Paid) System Is Licensed Under US Patent 6578010. However, Google this marketing patent and it has "now public domain". Hey let's start our own opportunity.