Tuesday, August 28, 2012

"How to make a Profit from using SEOprofiler"

In this article I am going to try and help you understand how you can make a profit from your SEOprofiler account. i will be telling you about the newest Updates. And will be going into detail of  how using the SEOprofiler program can increase and benefit your programs.

The biggest Update that i want to cover for your SEOprofiler program is the ability to use their service to help you get other peoples programs list in Search Engines. When looking at the SEOprofiler account you can actually get other people to pay you to get them Listed and Ranked in the Top Search Engines. How much do you think someone would charge to List or get your website Ranked in the Top Search Engines?

The beauty of the SEOprofiler program is that you can have several Projects listed. And the ability to get other people to use your service to get listed in the Top Search Engines is a new side that is beginning to take off for some affiliates. When you think about reselling your spaces you can charge whatever you want. How does $25 to $50 a month to get someone Listed. Well that would be up to you, because you can cover your cost of them doing all the work for you and pay your monthly hosting fee from 5 or more clients.

This how it works, you have 5 clients or best friends that you want to help. And you asked them to help you cover the cost of monthly billing to pay for the service. Charging them $25 each to cover your cost is very practical. Now the best part about SEOprofiler is that they can have a monthly PDF download available to send straight to your clients ( friends ). How does this help you? It more ways than one, the best is that you can have those PDF reports sent straight to them and you just set back and focus on getting them Listed.

Once you understand that this is a valuable service that many people are really wanting and willing to pay for, you can start to understand that it very Profitable to have this kind of service. And to have SEOprofiler have all the tools that you need to provide this kind of service is valuable. Now about the Updates that have been implemented, they have redefined the Keyword tool. You can now research the keyword and get a report on how much in increased traffic you can get from changing a few words around. And be able to report this to your clients ( friends ).

In closing I would like to recommend that you look into using SEOprofiler and becoming a affiliate. All you have lose is Top Ranking Pages in Google,Yahoo,Bing. I know because I was able to get 69 First Page Rankings using their tools in my First try. And the best part is you can try it for Free.

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Wishing you the Best and hope that you can get your Website or Affiliate link Ranked on the First Page of Google, Yahoo, Bing.

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