Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Invest in JustBeenPaid Program!

In this article it is my intent to help those that are unsure of how JustBeenPaid works and how to invest in it. First off JustBeenPaid at this time has 2 ways of earning. And I will be trying to explain those in the manner that I comprehend it. The two ways to earn with JustBeenPaid is through a daily % earning and through the matirx part.
The daily % rate is 2% and that is not a bad rate. Look at the banks they are only offering you .05-1% apr on yearly basis for savings accounts. And unless you have $1000.00 to leave in a interest bearing checking account, you won't be able to get the percentage rate that JustBeenPaid is offering on a Daily Basis. But I am not here to compare banks and other Institutions with JustBeenPaid, what I want to do is show the simplicity of the Programs in its whole.

The most interesting thing that JustBeenpaid is doing right now is they are offering new members a free $10.00 for registering. Now the $10.00 is not $10.00 that you can just take and run with. The $10.00 is to be used to buy 1 position in the JSS-Tripler Program. The money invested returns you 2% everyday for 75 days. What looks like is it pays you $0.20 a day for every $10.00 invested. In this example watch how your daily earnings increase:
Free $10.00                     Free $10 plus $10 of your own            Free $10 plus $90 of your own= $100
Day 1: $0.20                    Day 1: $0.40                                        Day 1: $2.00
Day 2: $0.40                    Day 2: $0.80                                        Day 2: $4.00
Day 3: $0.60                    Day 3: $1.20                                        Day 3: $6.00
Day 4: $0.80                    Day 4: $1.60                                        Day 4: $8.00
Day 5: $1.00                    Day 5: $2.00                                        Day 5: $10.00

Those are examples of how when you increase your investment you gain in returns. Now the JSS-Tripler Position does expire after 75 days. And JustBeenPaid will debit the Free $10 that was loaned to you. For anyone that wants to start but does not have the funding to participate in investing. This the way to go to start earning daily. Here i will show you how I did my first $10 to get started:
Free $10.00
Day 1: Invested into 1 JSS-Tripler Position
Day 50: $10.00 produced from the Free $10.00 Re-invested into 2nd JSS-Tripler Position.
Day 75: JustBeenPaid debited the $10.00 from my account to return the money to Program.
If you re-invest the $10 after 50 days you secure the 2nd Position with JSS-Tripler. Now if you let the money ride and do not re-invest then the Free $10 makes $5.00 or you would have $15.00 in account at that time. Once JustBeenPaid debits the $10 back from you then you will have only $5.00 left and you would have to deposit funds to get another Position. So my advise is to at day 50 buy another Position. Watch what happens if you actually buy the 2nd Position on day 50 for the $10:
Free $10.00
Day 50: $10.00 Re-Invested
Day 51: $0.40
Day 52: $0.80
Day 53: $1.20
Day 54: $1.60
Day 55: $2.00
After Day 75 you will have the $10 to pay back debit from JustBeenPaid and you still have your 1 JSS-Tripler Position. The 2% can and will add up over time, given the right investment strategies it could produce a daily income by itself. You must decide how much income you desire on daily basis and set your goals to meet that. By buying more positions or investing in those JSS-Tripler Positions you will reach that level. Just remember how this looks when you are ready to invest to gain daily income:
1 JSS-Tripler earns $0.20 a Day
10 JSS-Tripler earns $2.00 a day
100 JSS-Tripler earns $20.00 a day
Ultimately you should work to get $10.00 a Day  from JSS-Tripler so you can add 1 a Day until you reach you income goal. Then as I said before I would cover both programs that JustBeenPaid offers. The best part about JSS-Tripler is that when each Tripler Position expires you dont just lose it. The Tripler Position actually goes into the JSS Synergy Matrix. This happens when you get 4 JSS-Tripler Positions that mature. For every 4 JSS-Tripler Positions you get 1 Free JSS Position in Matrix. So all your investments in JSS-Tripler go to work for you.

JSS Synergy Surf 

Synergy Surf or Matrix is the second half of the JustBeenPaid Program that has the potential to Triple your earnings. This possible because each Matrix has 6 Positions in it that cost $10 each. That when it is full actually pays you $60.00 back for the $20.00 spent. This part is way more complex to understand and requires more knowledge of "How to recogonize each Matrix Type" and hwere to find the information on them.

I personally have been attending the webinar's that JustBeenPaid has on Thursday and Sunday nights to learn what they look like and how to invest into them. But being a not inclined person I still struggle to learn each one. And hopefully at some point and time I or JustBeenPaid will actually set down and design a manual that shows pictures of the matrix's and what a person should do to invest in them. I would probably spend more time looking at each matrix so I would know how I needed to invest and maximize my profits.

I do have some Ideas but until I can actually put them into use I wont recommend anything. But for me I am working daily to keep my goals for the 2% earnings from JSS-Tripler and JSS Matrix's seperate. As each one has different starategies to invest with. And my recomendation to anyone that is interested in joining or has just joined take the time to map out where you want to be and invest according to that. And let your returns from JSS-Tripler pay for Tripler Positions. And let your returns from Matrix's pay for more Matrix Positions. And in no time you should be able reach the goals you set.