Friday, February 24, 2012

Details on "How to get into Google Top 10"

When anyone does a search from search engines they usually enter words or a phrase. T and for instance my Title Details on "How to get into Google Top 10" Now what is so Special about that? The truth is something that media place and search engine optimization companies don't want you to know. Well if everyone knows all the details and Secrets then what would they do for income. Well they would do as they are doing now, changing the algorithm that makes them work. How do you really get into Top 10 with Google,Yahoo,Bing, and the other major search engines. Is there really any details on how to get those rankings? I have searched around looking for those Answers. Here's the first clue. Oh tab did I mention Search for Details on "How to get into Google Top 10." OK, if I didn't make it clear already, I will. See when I started blogging I was just blotting to blog. Meaning that I would write about things that interested me. But during the process I found a tool called a "Keyword Density Tool." And what I noticed was that search engines looked for the keyword density. So I started looking at how I wrote and how the keyword density tool would tell me to use certain words and phrases over and over. That's when I noticed "How to get into Google Top 10." By using repetitiveness I increased my chances of getting ranked higher. I also noticed that when writing articles these articles should contain the exact sentences that I felt my searchers or surfers where entering. Take for example the Title of this Post is Details on "How to get into Google Top 10." What I am actually doing is repeating it often enough that the search engines pick up on it, and see how many times it is mentioned. And with me repeating it more and more then the times it is mentioned ranks higher. Why because it seems like the more times you mention your keywords and key phrases then it is number higher. How does it work? Lets say you used your keyword 25 times in your article, and the other article only has it mentioned 24 times. When searched your keyword density ranks higher. And the same goes for key phrases. Imagine what your searchers would enter to find or locate your article. Then in a well thought out way construct your article around those phrases. Remember repetitiveness is going to rank higher. All this is based on my experiences and the tools that I have used. For details on "How to get Google Top 10" you StumbledUpon this article. So if you have found this article that means one thing, Bookmark it and go back through from time to time and search through it complete to see how many times the title, keywords, and keyword phrases were used.