Monday, May 30, 2016

How to Setup a Business using FREE Tools

How to Setup a Business using FREE Tools

How to Setup a Business using FREE Tools is today's Press Release Topic. I down through the years have used many FREE services to enhance my websites. Years ago when SEOProfiler come out we tested it with this website. And was able to get over 95 First Page Rankings of which we still get visitors from it. And more importantly we have over 26,000 visitors since we started back in 2005.

It is not much but it does show that it takes time build up a loyal following of fans and visitors. We have done this through using Social Media and SEOProfiler. Today's topic setting up a Business using FREE Tools is about using new places that we have found to produce a steady flow of visitors to our newest Blogs and other Social Media sites that we made to test them on. We talking about using AutoPosting websites to get the traffic. And we are talking about sending out ads to Facebook Groups to get signups.

There are two places that really work when you want to Build a business online. And I am going to tell you about them and let you see the video of what I did to make and connect them. Starting with what we did to build our test project we started a couple of Blog's on Blogger to send our content to. Now I hope everyone is paying attention as I am not talking about AutoPosting your Offers but AutoPosting articles, events, news that relate to your Niche.

Why Build a Blog about your Niche to post articles, events, news?

For me it is simple for me to understand, as you have to buildup your reputation with your visitors. Anyone can take a splash page and blaster the internet with it hoping to make one sale. But in reality most people fail at getting signups and followers. I believe in building relationships first and providing quality and informative articles about my Niche. 

Here is the video that I made that explains some of things I did to setup the websites and the tools I used to AutoPost articles, events, news to on them. Hope you enjoy it and take time afterwards to comment whether you liked it or disliked it.