Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Toilet Paper Tax vs. Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes

Toilet Paper Tax vs. Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes

Toilet Paper Tax vs. Alcohol and Tobacco Taxes is what I want to cover in this edition of Daily News and Events. As many know Most States and Federal Government continue to raise the Taxes on the so called "Sinners" for using them. And have based their opinion around it, stating that they have to increase the taxes to cover the cost of medical expense's and other expense's related to the health care of those who choose to smoke and drink regularly.

I am not an authority on the problems and conditions related smoking or even drinking. But I do see that our government officials are inclined to increase taxes on these two groups of individuals. And it amazes me how they feel it is justified so they can cover a gap in the budget. As I am from Louisiana and our legislative representatives felt the need to increase the taxes on these two groups during their last legislative session to cover the budget cuts. Not only in my opinion are these government officials using the taxes in the wrong way to cover up their over spending, but have brought upon themselves a new era in Lawsuits that are targeted against discrimination smokers and drinkers.

Yes that is correct, Discrimination against Smokers and Drinkers. How can this be possible? Easy when you target a specific race, religion, or group for the purpose of filling a shortfall in the budget. They have singled out that particular group or particular groups for the purpose of getting funding for other budget shortfall's. It is wrong in that my opinion they could of easily give cut backs on Government Officials Pay Raise's.

Please as Tax paying citizens we are criticized for telling these Government Officials they don't need a Pay Raise..          

I am not a Political expert nor do i claim to be. So I will leave that to the Political people to discuss what is right and is not right. But this article is about turning the tide against smokers and drinkers from being discriminated against to opening the discussion of a new Tax that is Fair and Equal to everyone. And that is a Tax on Toilet Paper that meet the gap of the Budget shortfall's and a Equal Tax on all citizens.

Toilet Paper Tax 

What difference would a Toilet Paper Tax make on the way that budgets are balanced. The reason I am so intent on having a Toilet Paper Tax is because it covers the whole population and is based on race, color, religion, ethnic background or any form of discrimination or racism. Toilet paper has no boundaries or excuse's and is used for one purpose to clean the effected area.

On examination what makes Toilet Paper the perfect Tax vehicle?   

Toilet paper is by everyone no matter who you are and equally bought by consumers. But the biggest and most important part about taxing toilet paper is not limited to low or no income people but middle class, blue collar, and even millionaires along with billionaires. If you want the comfort and security of cleaning yourself up after wards then toilet paper is the way to go.

Not a Believer -  Try using Plastic         

For the purpose of this article and for disagreement's sake let's see those who disagree with me about taxing the entire population for buying toilet. To try and clean yourself without toilet paper and use plastic to clean yourself with. Now if you want to be a toot-toot about this whole thing and say that you use newer innovative plumbing designs to eliminate the use of toilet paper, more power to you. And to that I say that the Toilet paper tax is from the purchasing of Toilet Paper not the using of it. And to add to that I will say that there is and should be incentives to eliminate the waste disposal of toilet paper just like we have incentives in place for Solar Panels.

In closing I just want to ask of you and the general public to consider the Taxing of Toilet Paper. As this article is not filled with numbers or facts about taxes, but purely about asking the general public and lawmakers along with government officials to consider the options available for balancing the budget using toilet paper.