Saturday, November 8, 2014

Who is TSU and Why are they aiming at beating out Facebook?

Who is TSu and what do they do?

TSU is a New Social Media Platform that pays its users for their Content. When you lookup TSU you will not find much information at all. It is setup so that no Search Engine can quary it.The way it is setup is so that all Content on thier site is kept on it. Not even Google, Bing,Yahoo,Ask. None of those can penetrate the walls. Why because they want their users to be rewarded for their content and pictures.

How do you get Access to this place?

Through this Link.

Do you want to get paid for Posting,Liking,Sharing,Commenting on others Pages?

Are you tired of Giants like Facebook making all thatmoney off your hardwork?

Can you Follow a Simple Step-by-Step Guide?

Can Post atleast 10 Post a day?

Can you make Comments everyday?

If you can do all the above then you are qualified to Earn Money on TSu.

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