Wednesday, November 26, 2014

$25 For Registering/ $10 for each Referral

$25 For Registering/ $10 for each Referral

That seems to what TheWeeklyJobs is paying to have you Build their List. As with all things like this it is or could be TOO Good to be True. And with so many people unemplyed and looking at poverty. It seems to be making Steam.

I did some looking around at some of the Scam reports and found some people complaining about it. But I did not get to ask them how they got their Traffic either. I sometimes goes to show that if you try to cheat the system and send fake Traffic to places like this. Or even put it on Surf Exchanges it seems to bring bad results, and then those people are lefting whinning and crying about not getting Paid.

I am not saying thye are exactly Legitimate either. I have yet to prove that, but I did in less than 2 hours reached their Payout limit. And it said they would Mail me a check within 30 days. But then below it there is in small print a message that states if you have $500 you can get your withdrawl that day.

Now the limit to make withdrawl is $300 but if you have $500 in your account you can withdraw that same day. I kind of remeber several places like that and they did not last long. As it took about 3 weeks and not paying anyone these kind of websites just disappear and then your looking at a Search related website that states that Domain is for sale.

So to anyone wanting to take the chance and see if it works out then you can join me using this link and Register for it.

$25 For Registering/ $10 for each Referral