Monday, September 17, 2012

Why are most Internet Entreprenuer's Unsuccessful?

Why are most Internet Entreprenuer's Unsuccessful?

I have to ask that question to myself everyday. Why am I not getting those buckets of gold just dropping out of the sky?

I was setting here today looking at one of my Advertising Campaign's and noticed that after one and a half week of using this service. I have no Leads and no results at all. So in my mind I was wondering the heck is going on. And as I was going through my emails I kept seeing the same email that convinced me to go ahead and use this service. And as my frustration built up I read that email again about how well this person was doing with this service. And how they already had 11 new members and looking to get another 20 by the weekend. And I become enraged in frustrations.

Does any of this make any sense?

Just before I email individual and ask them just how can they proclaim to be so successful while I set here and struggle. But before I set down to right that email I had another from someone who I had been following for some time now. And this email said Are you Still Blaming Others for your Failures?
So I set down and read his post on his Blog. And as I read it I can remember what he said that he had done when he was in this exact situation.

Listen, the problem is not with me. If you want to continue going through your life blaming others that’s fine but just don’t call me and complain to me and blame ME for your failures. If you want to be successful in this business, first you have to take a good look in the mirror. When you do that you will see both the problem AND the solution staring you right in the face. I can teach you everything I know but for you to be successful you have to understand that everything stops with you and only you can make yourself successful in this business no matter how much ‘help’ you get. Its a decision you have to make.   

Now those words hit home very Hard. Because I had to go look in the mirror as soon as I read that and see who really was the Blame for my not being Successful.

Guess what I saw in the Mirror?

Me and no one else was there to put the Blame on. Can I defend myself?

Sure I can make excuse's for not doing the things that need to be done Like a "Wussy" or I can accept the responsibility that I am the only one that is holding myself back from being Successful.

But how in the world can I change this Blame someone else attitude to a more Productive Successful Attitude?

Well it all start with setting down and making a Plan. See most people like myself don't Plan on Failing we just seem to forget or Fail to Plan. And that is where I will leave this post today.



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