Saturday, August 4, 2012

Request to have Facebook add Personal Blog's

August 03,2012
2:43 am

I am posting the article about the New Group on Facebook "Facebook Personal Blog's for Members." I started this group about 20 minutes ago. The reason behind this group is to get as many followers as I can to be member and voice their opinion to Facebook. They are the Biggest Social Media site on the Internet, and hopefully we can get their attention to take action.

When it comes running and maintaining Blog's I use Blogger and WordPress, but you still have rely on getting people to it to get them to Like it before you see the traffic from Social Media. Why Facebook has not started their own Personal Blog like Google and Yahoo I don't know. And with so many WordPress user's fighting to get Facebook members, it only stands that Facebook should consider having and hosting their own version of a Blog.

Facebook Personal Blog Group

Look at how many members they have and user's that go else where and PAY to have Facebook Members come to their Blog or website. Why hasn't Facebook looked into starting it and running their own version of Adsense to generate more Income from Advertiser's. And letting its Members run the Ad's on it for them. Talk about Niche Blog's popping up every where, just to cash in on it. And look at number of Members of Facebook that already have successful Blog's and websites that could really cash in on the New Explosion.

But until we can get enough Support to get Facebook to take action, we can only ask our friends and family members to come join the Group and show that they too want to Start a Personal Blog on Facebook that is Hosted and Maintained by them.

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