Tuesday, July 31, 2012

JustBeenPaid Restart and how it has affected You!!

Tuesday July 31,2012 2:58 a.m.

Just hours after the Restart for JustBeenPaid 1000's of members are flooding the Welcome room and Support areas. Why? There seems to be alot of confusion on how JustBeenPaid come up with the algorithmic equation  for the Newest Restart. I myself have numerous questions about the Restart and how it affected me. So once I publish this Post I am going to start another blog that will allow people to ask their questions and find out what others think.

I myself set in the Welcome room and listened to many people asking the same questions. So what I will try and do is set things up so anyone having particular questions can have it addressed individually and not along with 1000's of other questions. I too have things that I need addressed and hopefully we can get the answers needed to help us understand "How a Restart Works" and "What affects it has on your Account."

The Restart took place during yesterday afternoon. JustBeenPaid was down for several hours and it is now back up and running. So if your have any questions about Technical Support I can not help you. But if you just want to find out what the reason and explanation is for a restart then I might or some other reader might be able to help you understand.

JustBeenPaid                JustbeenPaid Restart Feature FAQ's